Writer, Creative, Big Fat Nerd

Photo of Angela Barian

Born in Los Angeles to a couple of long-haired hippie musicians, I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, I live in Madison with my husband, photographer Bryce Richter.

While I have a PhD in Sociology from UW–Madison and was a professor for almost ten years, in 2018 I decided I needed a change. So I walked away from my tenured position to follow my gut, start fresh, and learn new stuff.

I am now creative manager with University Marketing at UW–Madison where I help campus partners find their identities and tell their stories. I execute creative concepting, brand messaging and positioning, and copywriting. I also write the occasional servicey-type feature and web/video content. It’s a dream gig, and I’m happy to have it.

I am covering up my double chin in this picture.