SC 225

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Semester Schedule & Readings

1/23: How we’ll do this        

  •  Readings: None yet! (But you should get started for next Monday – remember, readings are due BY the day they’re listed.)

1/28: Crime Through the Sociological Lens

  • “Introduction” by Wilson & Petersilia, p. 3
  • “Changing Crime Rates,” by Rosenfeld, p. 559 

1/30: Crime Through the Sociological Lens

  • “Crime in International Perspective” by Lynch & Pridemore, p. 5

2/4: Biology & Genetics

  • “Crime and Biology,” by Moffitt et al, p. 53
  • “Do your Genes Make You a Criminal?” by Connor, here.
  • “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead” by Drum, here.

2/6: Race& Ethnicity

  • “Race and the Administration of Criminal Justice in America,” by Kennedy, p. 237
  • “Black Economic Progress in the Era of Mass Imprisonment,” by Western et al, here.

2/11: Gender

  • “Imprisoning Women: The Unintended Victims of Mass Imprisonment,” by Chesney-Lind, here
  • “The Social Impact of Mass Incarceration on Women,” by Richie, here

2/13: Class, Age

  •  “…And the Poor Get Prison,” by Reiman (online)
  • Also check this out.

2/18: Power & the Media 

  • “Fear of Crime: Crime has plummeted over the last 20 years. Why aren’t we less scared?” here.
  • “Media on Prisons: Censorship & Stereotypes,” here

2/20: Family & Community  

  •  “Families and Crime,” by Farrington, p. 130
  •   Also skim “The Community” by Sampson, p. 210

2/25: Public vs. Profit?          

  •  “The Prison Industrial Complex,” by Schlosser, here.

3/4 – 3/6: Whee!

  •  No readings! Have a happy and safe Spring Break (and remember to get some rest…)

2/27 (snow day) 3/11: Military Sexual Trauma          

  •  “Military Sexual Assaults in Combat Zone Happen Frequently: Study,” here.
  • “Military Has Not Solved Problem of Sexual Assault, Women Say,” here.

3/13: The Drug War

  •  “How America Lost the War on Drugs,” here.

3/18: More on the Drug War

  •  Skim enough of “How John Kerry Exposed the Contra-cocaine Scandal” to get a feel for the situation, here.

3/20: Street Gangs

  • Street Gangs by Maxson, p. 158

3/25: Gun Control     

  • “Gun Control” by Cook et al, p. 257
  • Also check out “Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States,” here.

3/27: Mental Illness

  • “Get Serious About Mental Health Care,” here.
  • “A Misguided Focus on Mental Illness,” here.
  • “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” here.

4/1: Whee (again)!

  •  No readings; it’s still Easter Break!

4/3: Hate Crime Legislation

  • “Death by Brown Skin,” here.
  • “Woman Is Charged With Murder as a Hate Crime in a Fatal Subway Push,” here.

4/8: Sex Crimes – With and Without Victims

  • “Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Policy” by Beauregard and Lieb, p. 345

4/10: DNA Evidence

  • “The Impact of DNA Exonerations on the Criminal Justice System,” here.

4/15: Surveillance

  • “Stop and Frisk: The Power and the Obligation of the Police,” here.
  • “Surveillance Society: New High-Tech Cameras Are Watching You,” here.

4/17: Capital Punishment

  • “A Peculiar Institution” by Garland, here. File got corrupted. Instead!
  • “On the Death Sentence,” written by Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, here

AND read one of the two following:

  • “In the Face of Death,” here
  • “On the Row,” here

4/22     “Elite” Crime  

  • In lieu of meeting, please listen to “The Giant Pool of Money” episode from “This American Life.” We’ll talk about it next time. You can find it here.
  • Please also take 10 minutes and write a writeshare response to the episode to be discussed when we get back. Just a general response/reflection/reaction will be fine.

4/24: Deterrence

  • “General Deterrence: A Review of Recent Evidence” by Apel & Nagin, p. 411

4/29: Prosecution

  • “Prosecution” by Forst, p. 437

5/1: Sentencing

  • “Sentencing” by Reitz, p. 467

5/6: Community Correction

  • “Community Corrections: Probation, Parole, and Prisoner Reentry” by Petersilia, p. 499
  • Also check out “Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice” by Tullis, here.

5/8: Prisons

  • “Prisons” by Morrison Piehl and Useem, p. 532
  • Also check out “Prison Reform or Prison Abolition” by Angela Davis, here.

5/13: Rehab + What do we do?

  • “Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs” by Cullen & Jonson, p. 293


  • “Democratic Policing on the Evidence” by Sherman, p. 589
  •   “Crime & Public Policy” by Wilson, p. 619

Class Slides Below!

Day 2 – Crime through a Soc lens

Day 3 – Crime Through a Sociological Lens, part II

Day 4 – Crime & Biology

Day 5 – Race

Day 6 – Race, Gender, Class

Day 7 – Race, Gender, Class II

Day 8 – Media Exercise

Day 9 – Media; Families & Communities

Day 10 – The “Prison Industrial Complex”

Day 11 – Military

Day 12 – The Drug War

Day 13 – Drug War II

Day 14 – Gangs

Day 15 – Gun Control

Day 16 – Gun Control, Mental Illness

Day 17 – Hate Crimes

Day 18 – Sex Crimes

Day 19 – DNA

Day 20-21 – Surveillance

Day 22 – Death penalty

Day 23 – Deterrence

Day 24 – Prosecution & Sentencing

Day 25 – Community correction v prison v rehab


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