SC 206

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Semester Schedule & Readings

Tuesday, January 22 – Getting to Know You…

  • No readings yet – get started on Thursday’s!

Thursday, January 24 – Truth, Knowledge, and Experience

  •  “One Thousand and Forty Nine Reasons Why It’s Hard to Know When a Fact Is a Fact,” textbook p. 10
  •  “When is a Relationship between Facts a Causal One?” textbook p. 15
  •  “Uncovering Hidden Facts That Matter in Interpreting Individuals’ Behaviors: An Ethnographic Lens,” textbook p. 20
  •  “In the News: Not Much Sense in Those Census Stories,” textbook p. 24


 Tuesday, January 29 – The Nostalgia Trap

  • “The Evolution of American Families,” textbook p. 30
  •  “In the News: The Picture-Perfect American Family? These Days, It Doesn’t Exist,” textbook p. 246
  • Marriage, a History part 1


Thursday, January 31 – The Nostalgia Trap, continued

  • Marriage, a History part 2
  •  “African Americans and the Birth of the Modern Marriage,” textbook p. 63
  • “Families in ‘Law’ and Families ‘In Practice’: Does the Law Recognize Families as They Really Are?” textbook p. 75


Tuesday, February 5 – Creating Childhood

  • “American Childhood As a Social and Cultural Construct,” textbook p. 48
  • “In the News: A ‘Golden Age’ of Childhood?” textbook p. 59
  • “In the News: How We Took the Child out of Childhood,” textbook p. 61

Thursday, February 7 – Construction of Sexuality

  • “Why Is Everyone Afraid of Sex?” textbook p. 120
  • “Orgasm in College Hookups and Relationships,” textbook p. 362
  • Teen Birth Rates Are Higher in Highly Religious States
  • NEW! If you have time, check this out: Are Young Evangelicals Sick Of Sexual Politics?


Tuesday, February 12 – Changing Societal Views on Unions

  • “Interracial Families in Post-Civil Rights America,” textbook p. 99
  • “Briefing Paper: The Steady Rise of Nontraditional Romantic Unions: The Case of Interracial and Intercultural Marriage,” textbook p. 112
  • “In the News: Interracial Marriage: a Cultural Taboo Fades,” textbook p. 115
  • “The Immigration Kaleidoscope: Knowing the Immigrant Family Next Door,” textbook p. 231

Thursday, February 14 – Same-Sex Marriage Debates

  • “Briefing Paper: Will Providing Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples Undermine Heterosexual Marriage? Evidence from Scandinavia,” textbook p. 91
  •  “In the News: Experts Question European Studies Cited in FMA Debate,” textbook p. 97
  • “From Outlaws to In-Laws: Gay and Lesbian Couples in Contemporary Society,” textbook p. 197
  • “What Do We Know about Gay and Lesbian Couples”
  •  “Fact Sheet: Myths and Realities about Same-Sex Families,” textbook p. 228


Tuesday, February 19 – Not Being Married

  • “Rings and Promises”
  •  “New Couples, New Families: Cohabitation Revolution in the United States,” textbook p. 131
  •  “In the News: A Poor Excuse for Marriage,” textbook p. 194
  • “Single in America”


Thursday, February 21 – Tying the Knot

  • “Changing Attitudes Toward Marriage and Children in Six Countries”
  •  “Briefing Paper: Marriage Reduces Social Ties,” textbook p. 152
  • Married, with Longevity


Tuesday, February 26:The Wedding Industrial Complex”

  • Selections from One Perfect Day


Thursday, February 28 – The “Wedding Industrial Complex,” continued

  • Brides, Inc. chapter 1


Tuesday, March 5 – Thursday, March 7 – Wheeee!

  • No readings.  Happy Spring Break!


Tuesday, March 12 – The “Wedding Industrial Complex,” concluded!

  • Brides, Inc. chapter 2

Thursday, March 14 – The “Birthing Industry”


Tuesday, March 19 – The Second Shift

  • Selection from The Second Shift by Hochschild
  •  “In the News: Working Moms More the Norm than Exception,” textbook p. 425
  •  “Briefing Paper: women’s Money Matters: Earnings and Housework in Dual-Earner Families,” textbook p. 426


Thursday, March 21 – The Second Shift, continued

  • “Briefing Paper: Moms and Jobs: Trends in Mothers’ Employment and Which Mothers Stay Home,” textbook p. 416
  •   “In the News: Wealthier Women Do Less Housework,” textbook p. 429
  •  “Men’s Changing Contribution to Family Work,” textbook p. 393
  •  “In the News: Chores For Two? Men Are Pitching in With Domestic Duties More Than Ever Before,” textbook p. 406
  •  “In the News: Matrimonial Bliss Resides in the Mop Bucket and Broom,” textbook p. 433


Tuesday, March 26 – Maids, Nannies and Mail Order Brides: Transnational “Solutions”

  • Selection from Maid to Order by Ehrenreich
  • MacDonald, “Manufacturing Motherhood: The Shadow Work of Nannies and Au Pairs”


Thursday, March 28 – No Class

  •  No readings. Happy Easter Break!


Tuesday April 2 – A Case Study: The “Opt-Out Revolution”

  • The Opt-Out Revolution
  • Census Dispels ‘Opting-Out’ Notion for Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Revisiting the Opt-Out Revolution
  •  Myth of the opt-out mom 


Thursday, April 4 – Parenting

  • “Parenting Adult Children in the Twenty-First Century,” textbook p. 140
  • “Beyond Family Structure: Family Process Studies Help to Reframe Debates About What’s Good for Children,” textbook p. 252
  •  I’m A Single Mother… By Choice
  •  “Can Parents Share Child-Raising Responsibilities Equally?”

Tuesday, April 9 – Parenting 

  • A Global Perspective on Happiness and Fertility
  • Children Beget Happiness, Eventually
  •  NEW! If you have time,check out: “Study: Lesbians Make Great Parents, World Is Round”


Thursday, April 11– Families and Economic Stress

  •  “Diverging Development: the Not-So Invisible Hand of Social Class in the United States,” textbook p. 276
  • “Marital Mythology: Why the New Crisis in Marriage Isn’t,” textbook p. 313


Tuesday, April 16 – Families and Economic Stress

  • “Briefing Paper: Unequal Childhoods: Inequalities in the Rhythms of Daily Life,” textbook p. 295
  •  “In the News: Both Sides of Inequality,” textbook p. 299
  •  “Not Just Provide and Reside: Engaged Fathers in Low-Income Families,” textbook p. 301
  • “The Myth of the Deadbeat Dad”


Thursday, April 18 – Domestic Violence

  • “Domestic Violence in Heterosexual Relationships,” textbook p 435
  • “My Problem and How I Solved It: Domestic Violence in Women’s Magazines”
  • Excerpt from Abused Men (online)


Tuesday, April 23 – Domestic Violence – Cultural Depictions

  • Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Race and Domestic Violence
  • The Disposable Woman
  • 25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions To Chris Brown At The Grammys


Thursday, April 25– Divorce

  • “Briefing Paper: How’d They Do That? Estimating the Proportion of Marriages that End in Divorce,” textbook p. 182
  • Distorting Data on Divorce
  • Recession, Divorce?


Tuesday, April 30 – Divorce

  • “Briefing Paper: The Impact of Divorce on Children’s Behavior Problems,” textbook p. 173
  • “In the News: Divorce May Not Cause Kids’ Bad Behavior,” textbook p. 178
  • “In the News: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Divorce,” textbook p. 180
  •  “The Case for Divorce,” textbook p. 159
  •  “In the News: How to Stay Married,” p. 170


Thursday, May 2 – Family Public Policy

  • Compassion Gap in American Poverty Policy
  •  “Briefing Paper: Unmarried Couples with Children: Why Don’t They Marry? How Can Policy Makers Promote More Stable Relationships?” textbook p.307
  •  Briefing Paper: Marriage, Poverty, and Public Policy,” textbook p. 185
  •  “Opinion Piece: A Mother’s Day Gift that Makes a Real Difference,” textbook p. 272

Tuesday, May 7 – Peace, Love, and Happiness

  • Monica & David: Maybe love really can conquer (almost) all
  • Reflections on “Monica and David” 


Thursday, May 9 – Par-TAY!

  •  No readings! Today we’ll finish the film, review, and reflect. We will also eat snacks!


Lecture Slides Below!

Day 02 – Truth, Knowledge, and Experience

Day 03 – Nostalgia Trap

Day 04 – Families as they really are

Day 05 – The Social Construction of Childhood

Day 06 – Sexuality

Day 07 – Interracial Relationships

Day 08 – Gay Marriage

Day 09 – Gay Marriage, & Weddings, Marriage, Cohabitation

Day10 – Marrying – and Not Marrying

Day 11 – The Wedding Industrial Complex, Part 1

Day 12 – The Wedding Industrial Complex, Part 2

Day13 – Wedding Industrial Complex 3, Plus Birthing Industry

Day 14 – Birth Industry, Part 2

Day 15 – The Second Shift I

Day 16 – The Second Shift II

Day 17 – Consequences of the Second Shift

Day 18 – Parenting

Day 19 – Parenting II

Day 20 – Parenting, Flesh and Blood concluded

Day 21 – Economic problems

Day 22 – More Economic Problems

Days 23 + 24 – Domestic Violence

Days 25 + 26 – Divorce


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